An exceptional remodeling contractor, at the right price

When you are looking to hire a home contractor, you are bound to find companies that are inexperienced, or unprofessional.  This is not the case with Kyle Laverty General Contractor LLC.  We are honest and reliable, and we have the reputation to back it up.  Ask any of our past customers, and they will tell why you should choose us.

A professional approach to all types of home remodeling projects

We are an expert remodeler with years of construction experience

Kitchen Remodeling Home Remodeling
Bathroom Remodeling Basement Remodel
Exterior Remodeling such as decks, siding & porches; And many other remodeling services

Looking for a local remodeler that is reliable and trustworthy?

We offer a convenient service that you can rely on.  Let us remodel your home for you

Getting a plan together for a remodeling project can be a time consuming process. We are here to help. We can prepare all of the plans and permit applications for you.

Our knowledge of building codes will ensure that during and after the remodel, your home is kept safe from any danger

Our advice is only a telephone call away

If you are in need of an answer for anything relating to your project, give us a call, we would be happy to help!  Give us a call on 610-709-5749 at no obligation to you, just quick, straight-up, remodeling advice.

Based in Pottstown, Remodeling up & down the entire 422 Corridor