A reliable and friendly Handyman service. Hassle-free… Guaranteed

Trusted by his clientele and capable of all types of home repair

Arranging for home repairs at your house can be a pain. Kyle Laverty is aware of this, and he makes every effort to minimize the disruption to your daily routine when he stops by for a service call. Once you get to know Kyle, you will see how efficient he is with all types of home repairs. Your fix-it list will quickly disappear when Handyman Kyle is around your house.

$160 handyman call out charge

As a licensed Handyman, I offer the following range of services

Home Repairs Maintenance Painting Doors & Windows
Carpentry Plumbing Repairs Electrical Much more

Equipped with the right tools for the trade

Having the proper equipment for the job is key part of our handyman service. We strive to get every project fixed in one visit to your home. Having to come back and forth to your house is not only a hassle for you, it also delays the job unnecessarily. Kyle Laverty operates with a mentality that is focused on getting his customers taken care of first.

Let the specialist Handyman attend to all of your home repair projects

Kyle includes a comprehensive warranty on all of his work. The work will be done right

Kitchen & Bath Repairs Outside work: gutters & trim
Remodeling Projects Drywall repair & Painting
Misc. fix-it items And much, much more

We can offer Handy man advice for your home repair question

If you find yourself puzzled by any kind of problem that may be occurring at your house, don’t be afraid to call us for some easy advice. We can diagnose most problems over the phone, and then we can arrange a time to get out to fix your problem at a time that is convenient for you. Give us a call at 610-709-5749 and we’ll get you a quick answer to your question!

Handyman service for Pottstown & the surrounding 422 Corridor